Argan Oil: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Argan Oil: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


For those who are much concerned about the beauty industry, argan oil seems familiar.

It also has a scientific name, “Argania spinosa” and this plant can be present in many countries nowadays.

Nevertheless, thousands of years ago, it originated from Morocco, where it has been popular as not only a cure for skin problems, but also a daily supplement.

Argan oil can take part in cooking, serving as the flavor addition to salad or other sauces.

Besides, people might combine its pulp with bread or desserts in the same way as peanut butter.

Nutrition Facts

Argan Oil - Nutrition Facts

In general, argan oil has many applications in our daily life, but one of the most popular is to heal the skin.

And this quality definitely comes from argan oil nutrition.

Therefore, it is important to understand argan oil nutrition facts first.

Undoubtedly, the main content of argan oil is water; thus, it provides much moisture if you use it on the skin.

There are considerable amounts of various vitamins in argan oil, namely, vitamin A and E.

Besides, it is also rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that constitute many argan oil health benefits.

Health Benefits of Argan Oil

In addition to its common applications in the cosmetic and culinary industry, argan oil still gives many other benefits.

Understanding these argan oil health benefits will equip you with simple ways to get rid of one of the worst problems.

Below are top 6 health benefits of argan oil which have come from scientific research.

1. Skin

Undeniably, this should be one of top health benefits of argan oil that should come first.

For a very long time, argan oil has been well-known to have positive effects on human skin health. As a result, people have tried it to deal with a series of skin problems and the results are really amazing.

In one study with 60 postmenopausal women who used argan oil, the results showed that their skin elasticity was improved significantly (12).

The presence of triterpenoids and organic compounds in argan oil plays an essential role in preventing inflammation in skin (34).

This enables you to stay away from many problems, such as acne, age spots or dermatitis…

In addition, volatile compounds found in argan oil contribute to the decreasing risk of tumor skin cells, which causes you to look older (567).

If you would like to use argan oil as a skin toner, simply follow these steps on a daily basis:

  • Steep a bag of green tea in a cup of hot water around 10 minutes.
  • Then, the tea bag should be removed and you should wait until the water becomes cool.
  • Pour 2-4 drops of argan oil and 1-2 drops of another essential oil, such as lemon or orange oil.
  • The mixture needs to be sealed in a jar.
  • Twice every day, you should apply the mixture on your skin after you cleanse it.

Bottom Line: With its richness of organic and votalile compounds, argan oil can have numerous advantages on the skin health.

2. Hair

Argan Oil - Hair Condition

The second among top health benefits of argan oil in the beauty industry is about hair.

Some acids in argan oil, such as oleic and linoleic, are beneficial to provide moisture for the hair (9).

This will make your hair shining because dehydration can trigger dryness and the falling of hair.

Besides, the richness of vitamin E is another advantage of argan oil in the efforts to foster your hair health (1011).

You can rub argan oil immediately on your hair without worries. This is the best way for your hair to absorb argan oil’s nutrients.

Bottom Line: Containing vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the hair, argan oil can help you enhance the strength of the hair effectively.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Although there is no 100-percent true confirmation, it is highly likely that one of the best argan oil health benefits is to protect you from cardiovascular disease.

This statement comes from a number of studies on both humans and animals (12).

The antiatherogenic quality of argan oil was even proved by a study with 60 healthy men.

The result indicated a reduction in the exposure to cardiovascular disease in these people (13).

Furthermore, with many unsaturated fatty acids in its content, argan oil is beneficial for the regulation of blood pressure and blood cholesterol (14).

As a result, you will be saved from many problems, such as stroke or heart attack.

Bottom Line: Argan oil health benefits on the prevention against cardiovascular disease are promising, but more studies need carrying out.

4. Anti-Cancer

When argan oil nutrition is mentioned, one of the most important features is its abundance of antioxidants.

This quality is responsible for one of the best health benefits of argan oil, which is to support the cancer prevention.

Antioxidants, along with triterpenoids, can hinder the harmful effects of free radicals, which are blamed for causing cancer cells (1516).

Many studies concentrated on the effectiveness of argan oil in preventing prostate and bladder cancer.

However, with anti-inflammatory quality, argan oil is supportive to lower cancerous cells in every part of our body.

Bottom Line: With antioxidants and triterpenoids in argan oil nutrition, it can have protective effects against cancer.

5. Nail

If you are deeply concerned about the appearance, what you need to care is not only about the hair and skin. Nail plays an important part in making the first impression.

And fortunately, to improve the nail health is also one of top health benefits of argan oil.

With antibacterial property, argan oil can have protective impacts on your nails so that bacteria and virus cannot cause infections (17).

6. Digestive System

Argan Oil - Stomach Pain

If you are one of those who pay much attention to nutrition, you still cannot gain your dream weight. One of the most common causes is due to digestive disorders.

In fact, you can get rid of them easily with simple ingredients, like argan oil.

To improve digestion is one of the most popular argan oil health benefits.

Its organic compounds will raise the amount of pepsin in your stomach, which stimulates the digestion of foods (18).

As a result, your body will absorb nutrients more easily.

To profit much from this benefit, you had better include argan oil into your daily diet, by adding it in salads or cooking.

Bottom Line: Argan oil can serve as a great support to enhance your body’s absorption of nutrients.

Side Effects

In general, health benefits of argan oil outweight its side effects.

But you should keep an eye on the use of argan oil.

If you use it improperly, the good effects will not be recorded. Instead, your body will suffer from some problems.

The recommendation is that you use pure oil as impure oil is associated with some allergies.

If you face allergic reactions, stop using it immediately and seek for medical helps from doctors.

In addition, the dosage is one of the most important factors to consider carefully when you use argan oil.

Normally, you should use only about 1-2 spoons on a daily basis.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Argan Oil: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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