Apple Cider Vinegar: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits


For long, vinegar has served as a reliable cooking ingredient.

Plus, it is also a time-tested remedy which is popular in the natural health community.

Many studies have proved that it supports to lower blood sugar levels, treat diabetes and especially lose weight.

This article explores nutrition facts and 6 science – based health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Nutrition Facts

Apple Cider Vinegar: Nutrition Facts

The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid whose scientific name is ethanoic acid (1)
It has sour taste and strong odor.

Also, apple cider vinegar consists of water as well as small amount of other acids including malic acid (2).

The production of apple cider vinegar includes two fermentation steps:

Firstly, yeast are added into crushed or cut apples in order to turn their sugar into alcohol.

Secondly, the alcohol is fermented into acetic acid by adding bacteria.

Traditionally, manufactures spend a month on the production of apple cider vinegar. However, thanks to advanced technology, people can speed up the process that takes only one day.

Bottom line: Apple cider vinegar is made in two-step fermentation process. Acetic acid serves as the main ingredient of apple cider vinegar.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Following are top outstanding benefits of apple cider vinegar which you may not know.

1. Fat Loss

The massive benefits of apple cider vinegar enable it an ideal solution for losing weight.

Known as a short-chain fatty acid, acetic acid can dissolve easily into acetate (3)and hydrogen (4) in the body.

Results from research on a number of animals have revealed that acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can help lose weight by:

  • Lowering blood sugar and insulin levels: a study on rats suggests that acetic acid is able to improve liver as well as muscles’ function to reduce the accumulation of sugar in blood (5). Logically, the less sugar there is in the blood, the lower risk of overweight is.
  • Improving metabolism: in another study on rats, acetic acid can increase the production of AMPK (6)which is famous for burning fat and limiting the amount of fat and sugar in the liver (7).
  • Decreasing fat storage: the treatment for obese rats with the help of acetic acid shows positive outcomes (8).
  • Burning fat: a research on mice concludes that acetic acid can support to increase the amount of fat-burning substances (9).
  • Suppressing appetite: another study finds out that acetate can control appetite, leading to the reduction of food consumption (10).

How to use:

  • Make use of apple cider vinegar and olive oil as a salad dressing.
  • Consume 2-3 apple cider vinegar doses each day.
  • Alternatively, mix 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar with water and drink the solution.

Bottom line: Animal experiments have said that acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can help people lose weight naturally. It is also one of the outstanding health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

2. Several Kinds of Bacteria

One of the most typical benefits of apple cider vinegar is its ability to remove bacterial infection.

In addition, another apple cider vinegar benefit is to treat nail fungus, ear infections. Serving as a cleansing and disinfecting element, it can kill pathogens (11).

However, these applications have not been proved by reliable research yet.

Also, if you are wondering what is the best solution to preserve your food naturally, apple cider vinegar will be an absolutely wise choice (12).

Moreover, although a number of people rely on apple cider vinegar when it comes to treatment for acne (13), there is still a shortage of confirmation from scientific research for this statement.

Bottom line: Thanks to great amount of acetic acid, apple cider vinegar shows great ability to kill off bacteria as well as prevent their overgrowth. It has been long used as a natural disinfectant and preservative tool.

3. Blood Sugar Levels

Apple Cider Vinegar: Blood Sugar Levels Regulation

Another benefits of apple cider vinegar is to regulate blood sugar levels.

Therefore, apple cider vinegar has been highly recommended in the treatment for diabetes.

In fact, patients with type 2 diabetes (14) have high blood sugar level caused by either the inability to produce insulin (15) or the insulin resistance.

In the mean time, apple cider vinegar can ensure the stability of  sugar blood level inside the body.

  • Reducing blood glucose (16) and promoting insulin sensitivity, which has been supported by several research on both rats and human (17).
  • Lowering blood sugar level by 34% thanks to the consumption of 50 grams of white bread. (18)
  • Resulting in a 4-percent decrease in blood sugar level with 2 tablespoons of this vinegar every night (19).

Therefore, people with diabetes or experiencing symptoms of this disease should consider using apple cider vinegar.

Bottom line: Apple cider vinegar is a promising natural ingredient which can promote insulin sensitivity and reduce high blood sugar levels.

4. Cholesterol Levels

To keep cholesterol levels in check is another typical benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Nowadays, heart disease is one of the biggest concerns for people because it usually leads to the death.

It is estimated that heart disease triggers the death of more than 610000 American (20).

In fact, there are countless factors which can be listed as causes of heart disease including: obesity, over alcohol consumption, poor diet, diabetes.

Several studies carried out in rats prove that the use of apple cider vinegar can significantly improve the condition of heart disease by reducing cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels (21, 22).

Chlorogenic acid  (23)– an antioxidant element which is found in apple cider vinegar – can inhibit LDL cholesterol (24) particles from oxidation – one of the most common steps resulting in heart disease (25).

However, all of the studies to prove apple cider vinegar’s effects on heart disease were done in rats while the efficiency in animals does not guarantee the same effects on humans.

Notably, an observational study suggests that women eating salad mixing with apple cider vinegar are less likely to suffer from heart disease (26).

Bottom line: Although a lot of research on rats suggest that health benefits of apple cider vinegar include reducing the risk of heart disease, studies on human are necessary to make this advice more persuasive.

5. Cancer

Cancer (27) indicates the condition in which cells inside our body system grow uncontrolled.

According to results from some studies, cancer cells and shrink tumors which are responsible for this health issue will be eliminated thanks to vinegar (28, 29).

However, rats were used in almost all studies as experimental objects with the help of rice vinegar, not apple cider vinegar.

This leads to a wonder whether apple cider vinegar can takes effect on humans.

Take Home Message

Although this liquid is a valuable source of beneficial substances for our health, there is still a lack of hard evidence in favor of apple cider vinegar health benefits.

Regarding the dosage, people should dilute apple cider vinegar before drinking it.

Also, people should consume 5-30ml of apple cider vinegar for the sake of our health.

Generally, apple cider vinegar poses no side effects, therefore, people can use it normally without fearing about any consequences to come.

However, in some cases, the excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar may result in esophageal burns and some stomach-related problems.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits
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