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Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” – Hippocrates.

Since the dawn of civilizations, human beings have gotten to know how to use foods in the improvement of their well-beings.

Nevertheless, only with the help of modern science can we know why some foods are better for our health than others by examining their nutrition facts.

wikihomeNutrition was launched with the ultimate goal being to provide people around the world with a full understanding of nutritional value of foods around them.

Everything we write comes from scientific evidence. Our article contains a lot of references from scientific research. You can get direct access to these sources by clicking the number in the round brackets (1, 2, 3).

We are an unbiased and independent website without receiving sponsor from any company.

The information is objective, honest and sometimes, we analyse both sides of a controversial issue.

With our greatest effort, the articles are written in plain English so that the majority of the population can understand them easily.

Every article we publish is a product of dietitians, nutritionists and editorial department that can meet the demand of the audience.

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