8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair is a major factor in anyone’s appearance and health. People face issues related to hair and hair quality / quantity ever so often. Everyone wants to have good hair that look attractive and are healthy. It’s not unusual to encounter hair problems at any given point in your life. The factors responsible for hair growth and their well being are age , genetics , nutrition , general health and environment. Now the factors like genetics , age and environment are not things that can be controlled manually. But you can control your nutrition and general health up to some extent. This means that you can direct them to accelerate  your hair growth and health.

Certain nutrients that are involved with hair generation and production can be consumed to enhance your hair growth rate. Supplements can be promising , but they are not always safe. Products for hair growth and natural food items listed below are your best bet. By their regular consumption/usage you will notice remarkable results.


There’s a reason that Eggs are classified amongst the superfoods. It is fortified with nutrients , high in proteins and is a good source of calories which will not affect you adversely. So why exactly do you need to add eggs to your ultimate diet for hair growth? That’s easy. Because it has high levels of proteins and biotins. Essential to the growth and production of hair , keratin , is derived from a nutrient called biotin. Eggs are rich in biotin and therefore help in the production , growth and maintenance of healthy hair. The crucially important proteins are  also found in eggs so their direct consumption gives your hair the building blocks for a naturally healthy shaft and roots. Eggs also give your body the necessary zinc and selenium which are again good for hair. Incorporating eggs into your diet is not a difficult task considering how versatile they are and they taste good with almost anything. Many products for hair growth are based on eggs.


The people who are more inclined to a seafood diet consumption have significantly shown better hair and skin health than those who steer clear of this food group.  The reason behind this is the fact that seafood and more specifically fish contain omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids. This relation to these fatty acids to that of hair growth is rather proportional and evidently proved in the past. The consumption of fish helps you restore the level of these nutrients in your body. Recommended fish to eat are fatty fish like – salmon , mackerel etc. They also have high levels of selenium and vitamins D3 ( known to be associated with hair and mucous production ) and vitamin B.  They are of course also a great source of proteins making your hair health even better.


Speaking of vitamins , a great source of multiple vitamins like – E , B , B12 , and D. It’s a prerequisite that vitamin E is a very influential nutrient for hair and skin health and has strongly positive effects. Nuts also contain zinc which is a hair growth promoter and if you are deficient of zinc than you can kiss good hair goodbye. Nuts are known sources of omega fatty acids which as I mentioned earlier are essential for hair growth and thus help the cause immensely. The consumption of nuts is not only healthy nut also tasty. Since they make you feel full they also contribute to weight loss if handled correctly. But before you start chomping down on nuts , make sure you’re not allergic to them because that can be very dangerous to your health and in some extreme cases , fatal.  Of you’re not allergic , feel free to snack on these whenever you want. They are very health friendly.


This food product that has been widely accepted by the millennial culture because of its health benefits does not fail to surprise in this case too. It has a high content of necessary proteins and even has other essential nutrients and compounds to promote hair growth. The compound called spermidine found in soybeans is a wondrous thing for hair length. It not only promotes hair growth but makes sure the shaft reaches the maximum length. Soybean extracts are also used in products for hair growth.

Soybean, and even soymilk will work wonders for your mane as a substitute for soybean and might work if not as great, then nearly as that of soybean.


We have been reading since we were children that spinach is a good source of iron. Guess what , one of the major causes for hair loss is iron deficiency . Since iron or more specifically the respiratory pigment hemoglobin carries oxygen to the cells , its deficiency may result in dead roots and weak shafts. The hair follicles lose their grip if there’s not enough iron in your body. Spinach provides you with the necessary levels of iron or Fe which makes your hair stronger.  Spinach also has a lot of vitamin A and C. Both of these are not only good for your hair but also for your skin so this is really a win – win situation. Since spinach is technically under the greens or preferably health food category , you don’t have to worry about calorie intake.

Citrus Fruits

If we’re talking about vitamin C , it can’t end without the mention of citrus fruits. The amount of vitamin C in citric acid rich foods is surplus and they also contain other antioxidants. Now, if you suspect that your hair loss may be due to the commencement of age , this is a very good option since antioxidants like vitamin C help reverse the effects of age. They revitalize cells and replenish the hair shaft with essential nutrients. Citrus fruits when consumed whole are a good source of fiber as well but if you want to drink a glass of orange juice instead , that should do the trick too. Though researches have shown that the results with these are slower compared to other food items.

Sweet Potato

The healthier potato or sweet potato , which is potato only by the name. It is not a stem with stored carbs like potato is. Instead , it is a root which has an abundance of vitamins , minerals and other nutritious compounds that wouldn’t send you to the cardiac unit of a hospital due to their over consumption. Sweet potato is a very good alternative to the regular potatoes along with constituting  beta carotene. Beta carotene is a nutrient that not only promotes hair growth but also gives you a healthy scalp , which clearly is the route to healthier hair.


For strong hair you need strong roots. For strong roots you need healthier follicles. For healthier follicles you need vitamin A. For vitamin A you need carrots. Therefore, carrots = strong hair. Manufacturers of products for hair growth know this too. That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Carrots are the #1 source of vitamin A which is required for the health, maintenance and working of all cells in your body which is why you should start munching on carrots right now.


Everyone wants to be confident in their appearance and comfortable in their body. Hair are an important aspect in deciding this that’s why you should be paying more attention to their health and growth. Hopefully this article and the foods mentioned here will help you achieve good , healthy hair.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster
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