10 Health Tips for Teenagers Planning to Settle Abroad – A Comprehensive Guide

10 Health Tips for Teenagers Planning to Settle Abroad – A Comprehensive Guide

Teenage is undoubtedly one of the happiest stages of our life, and a challenging one at the same time. While teenage comes with a lot of beautiful surprises and opportunities, it also calls for awareness and consciousness concerning healthy living. Well, we all know that no teenager would really like to give up on fast foods for the sake of healthy living.

But that’s probably one of the most crucial things to consider, especially in a world where bacteria and mysterious diseases are popping up on almost every regular interval. While this was only an example, here is a list of 10 healthy living tips for the teenagers to consider before they move out of their place to study abroad or another city in the country, away from parental custody.

  1.   Avoid eating too much fast foods

Even though French-fries and burgers are undoubtedly some of the most lip-smacking delights for every teenager; those are anything but healthy snacks. Chances are rare that teenagers will successfully give up on fast foods completely, but they can always put some effort in order to avoid the habit as far as possible. You can actually make it a point not to indulge in consuming fast foods more than once a week. Adopting this habit at an early age is beneficial in all aspects.

  1.   Refrain from adopting unhealthy ways to lose weight

Zero-figure is anything but safe! Teenagers, most of the times, tend to come under peer pressure, and end up adopting unhealthy ways to lose weight. There’s absolutely no need for it. If you are eating less with an expectation to lose weight, then you’ve chosen the wrong path. Do not skip your meals or cut down healthy diet comprising foods rich in carbohydrates. And if there’s an undying urge in you to lose weight, then consult a dietician at first, before assuming things on your own.

  1.   Practice free-hand exercises on a regular basis

You don’t necessarily need to lift weights, join gyms to stay fit and healthy. There’s simple mantra of practicing free-hand exercises, and you can afford to stay healthy. While you’re away from home, you gotta be your own motivator. Your parents won’t be there to push you. Thus, make it a point to exercise regularly, without fail. Avoid lifting heavy weights, prefer early morning walks and jogging over anything else.

  1.   Keep yourself hydrated; drink enough water

Most of the teens often skip or tend to forget drinking enough water every day. But this should not be the scenario. According to healthykids.nsw.gov.au, 9 to 12 years olds should drink 1.5 liters (7 glasses) of water each day, and children above 13 years should consume 2 liters (8 to 10 glasses) of water regularly. So, now that you know the math, be responsible enough to take care of your health and drink enough water on a daily basis, without fail.

  1.   Train yourself to get enough sleep for a healthy living; at least 8 hours

Instead of binge-watching your favorite movies, talk shows, music videos, webisodes, till the wee hours of the morning, consider getting enough sleep. Staying awake at night or going to sleep post 12’o’clock on a regular basis can actually affect you in a lot of ways. First of all, sleeping late at night means you would wake up late. Thus, chances are there that you would miss classes, lecture sessions, seminars and the likes. Secondly, even if you are waking up early and sleeping late at night, it means that you’re going too hard on yourself. This will influence your health in a negative way, paving way for chronic mid-age health issues like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

  1.   Practice maintaining a daily routine of keeping yourself hygienic

Did you just skip taking a bath while in a hurry to attend an early morning lecture? Or you often skip brushing twice a day? Such negligence is a big NO-NO! It is to be remembered that health and hygiene go hand in hand. Henceforth, be responsible enough to brush twice a day, take bath regularly, keep your hair clean and dry, wear clean and ironed clothes and consider using neat and clean underpants every single day.

  1.   Keep a positive attitude towards life

Maintaining a healthy mental health is as important as staying physically fit. So, you need to welcome more positive thoughts, without allowing negativities to enter your life by any means. Smile often, greet people you meet and cheer them up for all accomplishments. In order to stay happy and positive in life, you gotta refrain from being way too competitive. Avoid drawing comparisons and pave way for inferiority complex to get the better of you.

  1.   Keep rooms clean and well-organized

If your room isn’t clean and well-organized, then chances are that it would affect your lifestyle as well. So, the idea is to keep rooms clean, airy and organized. An untidy or unhygienic room isn’t really a sign of healthy living. Moreover, an organized space will help you to find things easily, without being subjected to stress and uncertainty.

  1.   Meditation is also the key to healthy living

Teenagers should consider the practice of meditation as well before leaving their place. It would help them with an improved level of concentration and shall also ensure peace of mind. In addition to it, meditation is also said to increase the level of immunity. Thus, teenagers are likely to be benefitted by it from every aspect.

  1.  Check your list of medicines in case you’re under any medication

Before you step out, make sure you’re maintaining a list of all necessary medicines, in case you are required to take them on a regular basis or as part of a temporary medication. While backpacking, do not forget to take your medicine kit, so that you can treat yourself accordingly, while living alone, away from parents.

Thus, to wrap up, it is to be stated that a sound health is perhaps the biggest wealth an individual could ever again. Thus, it is our utmost responsibility to take good care of it, especially for the teens those who are about to leave their house and settle somewhere else for the purpose of graduation, schooling and the likes.

Author Bio Ammie Jackson is a content marketing professional, Previously, worked as an essay typer for the education platform. She graduated with honors with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing and currently associated with online assignment help platform.


Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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10 Health Tips for Teenagers Planning to Settle Abroad – A Comprehensive Guide
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